Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pixel Marketing

Some people mix branding with marketing, marketing with sales, sales with targets, targets with numbers, numbers with achievements, achievements with appraisals, appraisals with growth, growth with position, the position with power & the power with arrogance & so on...

So, how to solve this habit of mixing? It's time, we all should abandon the old timers like Kotler marketing theories & bring in new age practical examples to create our ''Concept of Identity Marketing".

135 Cr. people = 135 Cr. marketing concepts

Considering everyone has a different identity & can act mischievously different in similar situations, building one standard theory can only increase the boredom e.g. targeting the same person, with the same concept again & again can make the person feel bored. So, how to create a ''Pixel marketing concept'' i.e. a marketing concept for every individual on earth, after all, we only work for humans - to serve to please to earn to share to spend.

PIXEL MARKETING - Let's think of individuality & create ''nano-pixels of marketing''. As, now the era is of ''Create as per Need", so, it's time to go wise & build products on advice.

Let's not go wrong, because, we have an onus to build humanity -a little more wiser & stronger.

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