Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BE YOU : Sometimes it's good to break the Emotional Intelligence Territory

Great power comes with great responsibility. Responsible hearts are not affectionate but decisive in nature, as they help in defining right choices for a common good. Love can be joyous, but it can never come with equality. One has to make strong choices.
You don't take the road to home..you drive on it , just to reach to your loved ones. Decisions are individual choices, so as the love & friendship. Love may lead your way, but friends make that way for you.
Choices are many. Responsible is you. Be you.
Be wise. Surprises & shocks have a very thin line. Advisors of love seldom enjoy the company of their loved ones. Because, they advise to give you happiness, but they hardly know the meaning of spreading love.
Half monkeys have advanced the stage to become today's men. Few realize, there is a family who needs to be cared. No one is an exception as we are happy in our own little world. But as the darkness arrives, only dark souls survives. So, stand against the evil thoughts. Fight for that light. Wisdom is in finding your own reflection. Not in following sorrowful actions.
Let Mahabartha not tussle our hearts & make us walking dead. God is in that selfless smile. With those who nurture your 100 years of wishful life.
Call your friends today. Say you love them. They will understand. Because, they are also just the ones like you.
Decisions are what we want to be. So, be you.

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