Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Size of the ladder matters. Because not every company has the strength to grow.

It is an inevitable truth when it comes to Indian Companies, Application of 'Leadership' skills is just a stick and carrot story.

I wonder, if you are an employee and their exists your boss. Where actually we can apply leadership skills. Their is certainly a need of 360 degree feedback system and owners of the 'Lala' or 'MNC's' can later go by their future insights. 

Why I used the word CORPSE? 

It's easy, when we are working in a non-methodical company, all we do is adjust the way 'LIVING LEGENDS - LEADERS' want to mould us. Corpse here represents insensitive nature and high level of ego prevailing in the work-groups.

So, what is the solution?

The simple way is : Leave the company ..but the condition is ' Do you have another job? and then ' Do you really know how to perform your job?'.

Here the real question is : SELF ASSESSMENT.

It's seen, people who have knowledge can always find their way up. But, sometimes, due to lack of SIZE OF THE LADDER..They simply can't explore beyond that.

Understand your skills, Act beyond being Corpse, Hunt for companies who want to use your skills and then Just Rise.

Bcos, whatsapp was also a dream...Sold to a dreamer.

But, you dont have to be entrepreneur. 

You just have to innovate and exit at the right time to enter the bigger pond.

So, Happy Executives are FROGS who can leapfrog.

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