Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today BJP is known by MODI’s sarkar. Well, any party worker would like to achieve that level. But, when it comes to BJP, it's so amazing to know, how Modi has redefined the aspirational level of BJP.

Certainly, there is a clear difference. One is backed by Performance : His achievements in Gujarat. And second (BJP) had desperate need to hire a performer. Afterall, every company wants to hire a verified leader(s) to take their sales a notch higher. Don't we all scan resume’s before we hire anyone. Otherwise, everyone walking in is a Leader.

In nutshell, BJP lacked leadership whereas, Modi lacked a party backing ( though he had leadership skills).

BRAND is all about right mix. So, we should merge with only those brands, which work complimentary and capture the right essence of offering bucket.

So, now it’s time for Congress to find it’s loosened parts and rework on their strategies of brand association and brand mergers. 

Brand MODI exists because, BJP has nurtured it by brand building exercises. Because, without a good exercise, you cant build a good body.

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