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Co – Creating Sustainable Energy Mix

India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of energy consumption and has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. Currently, it is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world, and will be the third largest by 2030. For the Indian economy to continue this trajectory India needs to address its heavy dependence on fossil sources of energy. With mounting concerns on global warming, climate change and the looming threat of fossil resource scarcity, It has necessitated the country to start aggressively pursuing alternative energy sources - solar, wind, biofuels, small hydro and more, in powering its growing economy with a secure and affordable energy supply which cross all sectors and impact all citizens.

Against this background, It’s time to reveal and further garner the “Energy Basket” with renewable energy source mix and implement emerging energy systems and technologies into the traditional systems; commercialize competitive technologies & rationalize glocal potential and suitability. Therefore, combating the energy gap with environment friendly energy sources and bringing technological solutions and systems thinking in global, regional and local perspectives.

The investment perception of industry is also changing due to the growing awareness, government’s changing priorities and the inevitability of renewables to supplement India’s energy mix. Ranked 8th globally for investments made in clean energy technologies, India is global 3rd best investment destination in renewable energy sector. Indian clean energy sector has a potential to generate 10 mn jobs in India by 2025. With India expecting investments to the tune of USD  55 bn by 2015 in the renewable energy sector which is expected to produce 35 giga watt (GW) of power is demanding for energy ecosystem integration and  synchronizing  “Drivers of Growth” with the one clear objective “ Power which Empowers Sustainable Eco-Friendly Growth “. 

The current times demand the need to step up the momentum and push for policies that will encourage long-term renewable energy contracts, continue to support and foster energy conservation and efficiency, and drive technological innovation. Therefore, need arises to increasingly take steps to develop new markets, improve efficiencies and implement innovative finance options from the private sector to sustain their growth strategies.

Understanding the synergies, We should aim to evaluate Indian Renewable Sector’s current condition and leaders viewpoint with Co – Creating Sustainable Energy Mix to provide clean, sustainable and secure energy solutions channeling  Energy Needs of Growing India.

We need to develop a unique platform to develop know how on key issues involving energy security, technological advancements and challenges in securing finance; Learn & discuss the efforts required to mainstream renewables whilst developing a low-carbon pathway; And exchange experiences to encourage and promote renewable energy and efficiency measures on a community level, heightening the success rate and lowering the costs.

Energy security is important for India, which is largely dependent on fossil fuel imports to foster its economic growth. In order to insulate itself from any future supply disruption and price shocks of fossil fuels and to achieve energy security and also meet global climate change objectives. Renewables have indeed caught the imagination of India. Riding on the crest of a high growth trajectory and in pursuit of sustainable sources to meet its rising domestic energy demand and access to energy for overall development,  the country is focusing on harnessing renewable energy production through maximizing the utilization of renewable energy. Here the question is                                     
-      How to meet the energy needs in a sustainable manner?
-   How to up-scale and mainstream renewables for energy security, climate change and economic development?
-     Key policy issues and challenges for market participants in the renewable energy domain
-     What are the regulator’s and stakeholder’s perspective in deciding the energy mix?

Record-high oil prices and growing opposition to nuclear power after the disaster in Japan last year are forcing lawmakers in several energy-hungry developing countries to review their energy policies. This may result in a tighter race for energy resources, as well as drive more investments in renewables and non-conventional sources over the long term. Therefore, the question arises -
-         Is investment in Clean Energy Route profitable?
-   Does payback period is the primary factor deciding the bifurcation of investment in renewable energy sources in  India?
-         How to enhance generation and use of renewable energy
o       How should CSS, transmission charges, wheeling charges etc. be determined in the context of renewable energy
o       Distributed generation in the context of Wind energy
o       Renewable energy certificates – is it gathering steam
-     With respect to present power scenario, where does Wind Power stand in the entire power generation mix?
-         Role of Wind Power in bridging the ever expanding gap in the power sector
-         Need for private investment with a focus on domestic and foreign private enterprises.
-         Imports v/s Home Grown Technologies
-        Renewable energy sources a solution to village electrification
-     How to incorporate global zeal to adopt low carbon pathway nationally, regionally & locally ?

India intends to provide a reliable & affordable energy supply through a diverse and sustainable fuel mix that addresses major national drivers. These include security concerns, commercial exploitation of renewable power potential, eradication of energy poverty, ensuring availability and affordability of energy supply and preparing the nation for imminent energy transition
-   Commercialization of renewable energy technologies in India – Achieving grid parity without subsidy
-         Grid-interactive renewable electricity generation systems
-         How to connect consumer with individual level windmill projects?
-         Renewable Energy for Urban, Industrial, Commercial Applications & Rural Applications
-         Research, design & development in renewable energy generation and applications

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