Wednesday, August 1, 2012

For You Just me..

About Me : 

For someone who grew up exploring possibilities of exactly how to make 'pigs 'fly', ideas have been never a once in a blue moon phenomenon. Translating them to 360 degree communication has been a natural evolution of my life's work.

Few fiveodd years of taking theses ideas to town hasn't worn out my enthusiasm nor curbed my curiosity for things. And watching/observing people react to them only reinforces my joy of bringing ideas to life.

As a communication specialist I consider myself on a journey of never ending expressions.  As a creative professional, honing the communication craft to perfection has been a source of assurance and pride for every organization I’ve worked with.As an individual, discovering something new everyday is a quest that keeps the inspiration at an all-time high.

The biggest thrill - chasing a challenge when I don't find one coming head on. Having mapped my way up the proverbial organization’s creative ladder, I have taken up the unfathomable task of discovering other challenges life has to offer and set my grey cells on a quest to collect as many experiences as they can.

It has so far taken me snorkeling / diving, dune surfing, exploring the wilds of Africa and even preparing for a Himalayan expedition. My creative juices (not to mention the strategic right brain) however, continue to stay in touch with the communication industry.

A content & conceptualiser’s role for a media house and writing assignments for a select client base ensure that I continue to put my thinking cap effortlessly as always. What makes it more enriching than ever, is the quintessential moment of truth that challenges everything I learn every single day.

Should I choose to take on a substantial and challenging role in an organization, I'd like to think that I bring to work the same passion that I live with!

Exploring, Reinventing, Energizing...

Tarshant Jain

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